They make everything happen at Enricher Logistics and the organization has made all efforts to assemble a diversely talented team that brings expertise, tenacity, ingenuity and passion to freight logistics services. It is our dedication always to provide excellent service, developing mutually beneficial relationships and adherence to demanding work ethics which has contributed to our steady growth. We have also committed to implement proactive management practices, organizational efficiencies, ongoing training and continuously update ourselves with current technology so that our staff members would be more competitive in serving our most valued clientele in all their requirements.



Our vision is to be the one of leading logistic provider in the region.


Our mission is providing our service at lower and competitive rates with high quality and monitoring and assistance in order to maintain long term reliable clientele base, motivating staff to provide the best service

Our Fleet

We have redefined the usage of Magnum refer containers within the domestic market in Sri Lanka and made it popular ever since, among many long-term users
And our container fleet also includes


Container Surveyors

Candidates with 3 to 4 years experience in a similar capacity with Bureau Veritas or Lloyd’s competency certification and with knowledge in pre-trip inspection reports would be considered for this post.

Administrative Coordinator

A capable personality who would support the employees while supervising them on relevant job duties they are assigned to. Also would act as a link that connects departments, staff members and vendors while supporting the management and its decisions.

Refrigerator Container Repair Technician

It is an ideal opportunity for a qualified person who would understand the sensitive nature of refrigerated equipments in use. The person needs to take overall responsibility over maintenance, service and troubleshooting of all equipments in operation.

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